When she was a young little human, she enjoyed entertaining people, finding it amusing to shock others with unconventional behaviors. Whilst in the search of abnormalities to feed her imagination and dreams she stumbled upon surrealist filmmaker David Lynch. "The fact that I was hypnotised by something that I didn’t fully understand shocked me in a way that it changed my perspective of what I wanted and even of who I was." She fell in love with cinema through Lynch's eyes. She loves the idea of telling a story without revealing the whole secret. Later on, after completing her Bachelor Degree in Arts in Media and Social Communication, Luisa decided to refine her skills as a filmmaker and move to Australia from Venezuela to do a Master Degree at Griffith University. 

Reborn, her last writing and directed project, took her to the Short Film Corner 2013 of the Cannes Film Festival, and was part of the 2015 Melbourne Queer Film Festival.

She is now located in New England where she is working as Film Editor, whilst writing her first feature film coming soon..